5 Proven Fat Loss Methods for Men

Proven Fat LossProven fat loss methods are those that actually work and will keep your body in shape for the long-term. To be slim and healthy is to be disciplined and mentally prepared for the training and the lifestyle changes that you will soon meet. It is not only about the method, but the person himself and his conviction to better his body and his life in the long run. Proven fat loss methods will simply serve as a supplement for your goals.

Proven Fat Loss: 5 Proven Fat Loss Methods for Men

First rule of weight loss is that to know how much weight you could actually lose for a certain amount of time. The BMR or the Basal Metabolic Rate will help you compute this. The BMR computes the rate at which your body burns the calories and increasing this rate could greatly help you lose weight. Here is the formula to compute your BMR:

66 + (6.23 x weight (lbs.)) + (12.7 x height (inches)) – (6.8 x years of age)

The first proven fat loss method is to get an aerobic exercise for 20 to 30 minutes a day. Being physically active throughout the day could be achieved by doing aerobic exercise in the morning as it will also help to maintain a high BMR

Did you know that your body is made out of fiber? These fibers make up your muscle system and support your body. It could also become the best fat burning furnace if calibrated correctly. Lean muscle burns more calories than normal muscle as a fact. And when your muscle fibers feel a strain or pressure they will multiply and strengthen to adapt to the pressure that you regularly put them under. You can gain more lean muscles through strength training as it focuses on giving your muscles enough strain and pressure to not only strengthen you but also give you better weight loss.

The number of available diets often equals the number of people who have proven their results to be effective. You can try out these diets if you want, but remember that not all diets can be applicable for you. The trick in dieting is to find out your own customized diet, only sticking to the idea that you have to eat healthy foods in the right amount at the right time.

Proven Fat Loss: Protein Diet

One of these proven fat loss diets is a protein diet. As you eat, your body will burn calories to digest and absorb the food. Protein causes your body to burn more calories as it is harder to break down, followed by carbohydrates and fat. Animal proteins are the best thermogenesis, which refers to the burning of the calories, fuels and can be obtained from lean meat.

If elementary students are learning their ABC’s, amateur weight loss students will have to learn their BCAA’s to burn fat. These letters stand for Branched-chain Amino acids namely leucine, isoleucine, and valine which are the building blocks of protein. These BCAA’s are abundant in meat and different dairy products, so increasing an intake of these food stuffs will give you better muscle formation and increase hormone growth to fight fat. Couple these proven fat loss tips with discipline and you are well on your way to becoming a happier, healthier man for life.