Using BMR To Help With Weight Loss

BMRIf you want to lose body fat, it pays to  understand your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Once you understand your BMR, you can get a good idea of what calorie deficit you need to create to lose weight.

Your true BMR can only be accurately calculated using very formal tests or a testing facility. However, it is possible to get a very good estimate of your BMR using calculators that are available online. Another alternative is to use a BMR calculation formula.

What is BMR?

This video explains what BMR is and how it changes over your life.

BMR Calculator

This BMR calculator will help you with the calculation

Compute Your BMR

You can complete your own BMR. You will need to take into account your current weight, your height and how old you are. So, make sure you weigh yourself and measure your height because you will need these variables in the calculation.

For men, you need to use this formula.

BMR = 66 + (6.23 x weight in pounds) + (height in inches x 12.7) [calculate this first] and from the total subtract (6.8 X your age in years).

Then you need to adjust it for your activity level. Obviously, if you have a relatively sedentary lifestyle then your BMR will be lower than somebody who is extremely active. Think about the types of physical activity you do each day. How much do you do, how regularly, how long do you do physical activity for and how intense is the activity?

Use the following adjustments to add to the calculated the BMR above.

Sedentary lifestyle – 20

Minimally Active Lifestyle – 30

Moderately Active Lifestyle – 40

Very Active Lifestyle – 50

Extremely and Highly  Active Lifestyle – 60

The last number gives you the number of calories (approximately) that you need to eat each day to support your current weight. If you eat more than this you will gain body fat, and conversely if you eat less than this you will lose body fat.

A rule of thumb is that 3500 cal is equal to 1 lb of fat. You need to cut your calorie intake by a total of 3500 cal to lose 1 lb of fat. In my recommendation is to do this gradually using a weekly average and not a daily average and aim to lose 1-2lbs per week.

So there you have it a way of understanding how many calories you need to take in each day or week to support your weight. Reduce the calories you eat by 3,500 and you will lose 1lb of body fat over that period. BMR made simple.

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