Fat Loss For Men: Three Miracle Foods That Burn Fat

Most blokes, don't worry about food too much but I'm frequently asked if there are there really foods that burn fat. I know it sounds too good to be true, but scientific studies have found that men who eat certain types of foods end up losing more weight than those who don't eat these foods – even when all other factors are the same!

Three Popular Foods That Burn Fat

Let's take a look at three of the most popular foods that burn fat, according to science:

Foods That Burn Fat In Men: Beans

Beans, Beans, Beans! These are a fantastic protein source for should be on the list of replacement foods that burn fat for any man who is ttying to lose fat. Beans have a healthy mix of protein and carbohydrates and what is great about beans is that they are challenging to digest (perhaps that's why we get the gas side effect that our families complain about), so it takes your body longer to digest them. The great thing about this is that it help you avoid hunger pangs and it keeps your blood sugar stable. But the fiber content is the real fat loss for men magic of  beans.

Fiber keeps your digestive system running smoothly, and prevents your blood glucose from spiking too high.

A couple of tips for men who want to lose fat:

  1. Choose plain beans over processed beans. Baked beans  can have a lot of added sugar and refried beans often have a high fat content. These can stuff up your fat loss efforts by giving you too many calories and simple carbs.
  2. You only get the fat loss benefits if you use beans to REPLACE another foods. Don't just add them to your foods.

Foods That Burn Fat In Men: Skim Milk

Of all the foods that help us blokes burn fat, calcium is probably the favorite metabolic booster. There are many studies that show calcium causes weight loss. When two test groups were studied… the groups did everything the same, except that one group received several servings of calcium each day. That group lost almost three times as much weight as the group who did not receive extra calcium. You can get calcium from vegetables like broccoli, but dairy products are still the most popular choice for men who want to lose weight.

Choose milk or other dairy products made from 2%, 1%, or fat-free milk. They deliver the greatest amount of calcium in the lowest amount of calories.

Fat loss for men tips:

  1. Of course, that does not mean that more is better, don't go taking Calcium supplements in the hope of losing weight. Again replacement is the best approach.
  2. Drink  fat-free milk, rather than juice for breakfast. It cuts down the calories you take in that the time and helps you feel full for longer so you don't eat as much at lunch time too.
  3. When choosing dairy products look for low fat AND low carbs. There is no point in drinking a low fat iced milk if it has high sugar.

Foods That Burn Fat In Men: Green Tea

Green tea is my personal favorite of the foods that burn fat. Most of us men know that it contains a good dose of antioxidants. They are those chemicals that lower the number of nasty free radicals (think cancer and early aging) in the body. It's low in caffeine but these is enought to push up your heart rate and metabolism while not creating the jolt that you get from coffee. Green tea has also been studied as a fat-burner, and the results have been encouraging. People who drink 4 – 6 cups of green tea per day enjoy faster weight loss than those who don't drink green tea. So drink green tea to maintain your youthful good looks, help prevent cancer and lose fat at the same time.

Honorable Mention: Water

Feeling hungry? Don't have a beer and eat nuts, drink a glass of water. Wussy I know, but very effective if you are trying to lose that gut. Water can keep your metabolism running at maximum efficiency? True fact: our kidneys are our primary fluid filtration system. Their job is to  filter toxins and waste fluids from our bodies. But they need plenty of water to work well and most blokes don't drink enough water. When they are deprived of water, the kidneys call on the liver for back-up and you are more liable to get kidney stones.

If the kidneys can't do all the job, your liver gets dragged into the picture and that's not what it was designed for. The liver is designed for, and is great at, turning stored fat into usable energy. When it has to support the kidneys, the liver is unable to metabolize fat as easily. You can bring your metabolism back up to speed by drinking plenty of water each day.

  1. Fat loss for men tips:
  2. Drink enough water so your urine is colorless or slightly yellow. If it's bring yellow or orange… you need to drink more. A simple rule recommended by the MayoClinc is the 8×8 rule. Drink eight 8oz glasses of water each day.
  3. Replace coke, juices and other high calorie drinks with water for the best effect.

So if you are trying to cut some fat from around the girth, overhaul your diet by replacing elements of your diet with these three foods that burn fat. Then add 64 ounces of pure drinking water each day, and you will be on your way to successful and permanent fat loss.

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  2. Exactly these are the miracle foods for burning fat of men and it's already proved. To be honest to say that I had excessive weight and fat. I did lot of things for reducing my weight and burning fat but none of them effective for me. Suddenly I was trying to eat beans and skim milk regularly and one of my friend suggested to me that these are the foods that can really help you. After couple of weeks I saw that it's really working and now I am very much well rather than before. So just try it and hope that you will be able to see result after couple of weeks. Thanks and take care of all:)

  3. Thanks for sharing. I like the foods mentioned in your article and I'm glad to know about their fat-loss properties. I can't include skim milk into my diet as I'm lactose intolerant, but I will definitely eat other foods that are rich in calcium.

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    I like your recommendations on water drinking. Water is essential for living, moreover it is the most harmless product ever consumed.

  6. Much obliged for sharing. I like the nourishments said in your article and I'm happy to think about their fat-misfortune properties. I ca exclude skim milk into my eating routine as I'm lactose prejudiced, yet I will eat different sustenances that are rich in calcium.

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