Good Fat Loss Diet

Is Carb Rotation A Good Fat Loss Diet?

The Carb Rotation Diet Is Best Suited For

This diet is a good fat loss diet if you want to lose some weight for a specific event or if you looking for a leaner
more muscular look.

The program would a good fat loss diet for ongoing living provided you were able to integrate it into your lifestyle and you were willing to add lean muscle-building exercise as part of your program.

Bottom Line

Recommended as a good fat loss diet for targeted and short-term weight loss and for men who are looking for leaner look.

good fat loss diet

The Full Review

I tried this diet a few months ago with some success. It may or may not work for you, but have a read and see what you think.

Comments Rating
Nature of the Food Low carb, high protein and low fat. The diet required me to eat six times a day. I was also required to find my personal calorie needs with a formula provided. Diet plan required counting of calories for the first 30 days. 


Length of Diet 30 day program with lifestyle changes once of the program was completed. 8
Food Preparation Fairly straight forward. Basic menu types allowed for a range of food choices within the day. Serving sizes were provided for the three food types. I found the calorie conversion to food exchanges principle difficult to integrate at first. 


Cost of Food The cost of the food was close to my normal costs. The cost of supplements increased the total cost of the program. However, the diet required me buy and use of a tape measure and skin-fold calipers nearly doubling the cost of the program. 

Healthiness The program incorporated a variety of nutrient rich fruits, vegetables and meats. For example, on the no carb days one of the recommended meals is a cheese and spinach omelet.  This program avoids Aitken’s Diet type egg excess by making the omelet from one whole egg and two egg whites. 10
Hunger Issues I was slightly hungry at times due to the lower calories, but eating every three hours helped a lot. 


Supplements Required Were used. Specifically fish oil, a post workout recovery shake and a whole food multi vitamins. 


Eating Out I was able to eat out but it required me to find a restaurant with a low calorie menu (hah hah!) or more practically, choose lean meats with non-dressed salads and avoid desert. 


Vegetarian Not catered for. It’s a high protein diet, so I doubt it is
suitable for vegetarians.


Exercise Requirement The program suggested I exercise a minimum of five hours a week, including two hours of strength training. There was a significant focus on the need to exercise in
the program so I’ve scored it down a bit because most people don’t want to do this much exercise. In reality this is a positive.
Alcohol and Coffee Coffee was allowed yay 😉 but no beers 🙁

Level of Support

No external support provided.


Sustainable Future Provided some help to enable me to develop a more active and healthy lifestyle. 


Teach New Skills Contained a good section on how to read food labels that helped me to make better food selections. One chapter was devoted to shopping and cooking and was very useful. 


Freebies Good and directly related to the program. In particular I found the exercise extras to be of great value. 


Overall Rating (out of 10) 7.5


Good Points

The good points of this lose fat fast diet program are listed below.

• Helped me to lose weight

• Low carb, high protein and low fat with six meals a meant I never felt hungry

• Relatively healthy weight loss program

• It was clear what you could and could not eat on the carb rotation days

• Food costs were relatively low

Bad Points

Even though I consider this to be a good fat loss diet, I did find some problems with this diet plan as well.

• Needed calculations to calculate

• Calorie and food intake monitoring was required

• Needed to buy other equipment adding to the total cost of the program

• Higher level of exercise required – especially of following the free bonuses

• Not totally sustainable as a way to live for life. The main focus of the program was a 30 day cycle.

What’s It A Good Fat Loss Diet For?

This is a good fat loss diet for these circumstances.

Wedding: Your Fiancé is about ready to call the thing off because your dumb ass has put off losing those extra pounds that will keep your double – or triple – chin out of your wedding pictures…or you’re scared to death your tux won’t fit and that tub of lard you call a stomach is going to be hanging out over your pants while you say your vows.

Cruise Vacation: You know this feeling… your vacation cruise is only 4 short weeks away, and you’re thinking about skipping it because you don’t even want to think about being seen in a bathing suit. Will you be able to shed a quick 10 lbs? Or will you be wearing a t-shirt the entire time afraid your buddies will be pointing our your Man Boobs to all the chicks?

Class Reunion: Classmates haven’t seen you in years, they remember you as a complete stud. And let’s face it: you used to LOVE the attention. But today you look more like the guy who played the Tuba in the band than the guy who was always “with” the hottest girls in school.

Beach Trip: Warm beautiful sun, cool breeze blowing across the sand, you’ve been anticipating this trip for months. At the last-minute, you realized you don’t want your fat ass and huge gut seen on the beach… but it’s too late now… or is it?? Do you want to be bathing in the sun, hanging out and having a great time… or do you want to be the loser who stays in his room afraid to even peer outside because you’re so ashamed of how you look today?


The Bottom Line: A Good Fat Loss Diet

This is a good fat loss diet  for some one who wants to lose some weight for a specific event. It is recommended for
targeted and short-term weight loss and for people who what to build lean muscle mass .

Recommendation: A good fat loss diet for focused weight loss and muscle-building.

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